Official Channels Broadcasting Tour De France 2016 Live Stream

With cycling becoming one of the prime sports, all eyes are on the upcoming tour de France 2016 tournament. Probably, it is one of the biggest cycling event till date. With so much on stake in a 21 stages tournament, it will be interesting to see how players manage to control their emotion. Tour de France 2016 is once again going to thrill the entire world as it is once again going to start on 2nd July Saturday and will last to 24th July Sunday. The entire 23 days will be a stretch of eagerness for the entire world. Players will not only be challenged physically but mentally as well with the hill and mountain stages added this year. Tour de France 2016 live stream will be available in many countries. Since, the TV and online streaming rights are given to different channels in different countries, it is essential to know the right channels providing live streaming of tour de France 2016 in your region. The entire world will be looking towards Tour de France with eagerness as it is one of the most renowned events of cycling in the world. It will be completed in different stages by riding through planes, mountains and hilly regions.

As entire world can’t be there at event site so we are going to provide an option of live streaming of tour de France 2016 tournament so that all cyclist fans sitting worldwide will be able to watch each and every moment of this adventurous tour. Our post will serve as a free comprehensive guide to watch Tour de France 2016 live stream to the fans sitting worldwide. Anyone can access this event and its’ precious moments just by being online through their Phones, PC, Laptop, Palmtops, Tablets etc. On our site we are providing numerous official sites for providing live stream of Tour de France 2016 with direct links which will redirect the user to the live event. Here we are also updating you with the routes and stages of the event.

The entire race will be completed in 21 stages consisting of 9 flat stages, 1 hill stage, 9 mountain stages and 2 individual time trial stages. A map has been given below for the reference.

tour de france map

The race will first start on 2nd July 2016 in the French department of Manche , first time in the history of Tour de France. It will start from a flat stage and after going through hill stage and mountain stages it will be completed on 24th July 2016 at Chantilly Paris which is again a flat stage. The race is scheduled to have two days rest on 11th and 19th July in Andorra and Bern respectively. Here we’ll give how to enjoy the adventures of all the stages and routes of Tour de France 2016 through free live streaming sites.

tour de france 2016 live stream

Official Channels Providing Tour De France 2016 Live Stream

Just follow the below given link to watch tour de France 2016 live streaming of the entire race. Sites with their regions are given below:

  • Tensports (India and other Asian countries)
  • Eurosports (Europe)
  • NBC Sports (USA)
  • Itv4(UK)
  • Belnsports(US)

Official mobile apps can be downloaded from these sites and one can watch uninterrupted actions of the race live on your mobile phones. Mobile app will help in getting the live score of all the stages. Additionally, official BBC sports app is also recommended as they also cover most of the major sports tournament. Regional T.V. channels can also be accessed so that live streams of Tour de France 2016 can be watched. In case, if the channel is not available in your region or there is a country restriction, we highly recommend trying out VPN service to get unrestricted access to all matches. This extremely adventurous event will also be streamed live in the entire European countries, Africa, Middle East Asia and rest of the world. In India also this event will be streamed live with the help of Ten Sports and Ten Action. With the help of channel it will be streamed live in Italy. Overall, there are over 50 million viewers worldwide. This itself explains its’ popularity and demand for Tour de France 2016 live stream and live score channels and apps. Since this is a yearly tournament, the craze is at its peak.